Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started
What should I do first?
An Introduction to One Stop For Writers
How do I sign up?

Accounts and Preferences
How do I change my password?
Why aren't I receiving emails from OSFW?
How do I edit my account information?
Can I unsubscribe from all emails?
What's the difference between deleting my account and unsubscribing?
What personal information does One Stop collect and store?
What control do I have over my stored personal information?
Can I share my account with another writer?

Free Trial
What does the free trial include?
How do I cancel my free trial?
What happens when my free trial ends?

Subscription Information
What payment options do I have?
When does my current plan end?
Can I change my plan?
Can I add time to my current plan?
How do I unsubscribe?
Which credit card did I apply to my account?
Is my credit card information safe?
Why is my credit card failing?
Can I keep my plan from automatically renewing?

Why isn't my coupon code working?
Do One Stop coupons expire?
Can I use more than one coupon at once?
Plan-Specific Coupons: How do I use one if I'm already subscribed to the required plan?
Plan-Specific Coupons: Can I use one if I'm subscribed to a different plan?

My Workspace and Projects
What is my workspace?
What are projects?
Can I save a tool or item without assigning it to a project?
Can I move items between projects?
What happens if I delete a project? Can I get it back?
How do I export my content to Scrivener?
How do I print PDFs for my saved items?

Using the Thesaurus Collections
Can I bookmark any thesaurus entries for future reference?
Can I copy and paste something from the thesaurus into my story?
What if I can't find the entry I'm looking for?
An entry is linked incorrectly. How do I let you know?

Using the Notes Feature
What are notes?
Where are my notes kept?
Who can see my notes?
Can I write a novel using the notes feature?
If I unsubscribe, what happens to my notes?

Using the Templates and Worksheets
Can I save and print my worksheets?
Can I save any of the worksheets or templates to my account?

Using the Idea Generator
Will you be creating new generators?
Can I save ideas from the generator?

Using the Story Map, Scene Map, and Timeline Features
What's the difference between these tools?
Can I print these out?

Help! I didn't receive a confirmation message!
Help! The One Stop pages are..loading...really.....slowly......
Help! I'm stuck on the Sign-in/Sign-up page!
What browser should I be using?
Is there a way to make the font size bigger?

Can I blog about my One Stop experience?
I love One Stop! How can I help?
Can I review One Stop?
Can I submit an endorsement?
I have an idea for One Stop. Where do I submit it?