Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started
What should I do first?
How do I sign up?
An Introduction to One Stop For Writers

Accounts and Preferences
How do I change my password?
How do I edit my profile?
Can I unsubscribe from all emails?
What's the difference between deleting my account and unsubscribing?
What personal information does One Stop collect and store?
What control do I have over my stored personal information?
Can I share my account?

Free Trial
What does the free trial include?
How do I cancel my free trial?
What happens to my account at the end of my free trial?
What happens to my stuff when my free trial ends?

Subscription Information
When does my current plan end?
Can I change my plan?
Can I add time to my current plan?
How do I unsubscribe?
What happens to my work if I unsubscribe?
Can I go back to being a registered user?
Can I pay with PayPal?
Which credit card did I apply to my account?
Is my credit card information safe?
Why is my credit card failing?
Why did my plan automatically renew?
Can I keep my plan from automatically renewing?

Coupons and Gift Certificates
Do One Stop coupons expire?
Can I use more than one coupon at once?
How do gift certificates work?
Where can I buy a gift certificate?
I lost my gift certificate. What do I do?
Does my certificate expire?

My Workspace and Projects
What is my workspace?
What are projects?
Can I save a tool or item without assigning it to a project?
Can I move items between projects?
What happens if I delete a project? Can I get it back?
How do I export my content to Scrivener?

Using the Thesaurus Collections
Can I bookmark any thesaurus entries for future reference?
How do I decide which description ideas to use?
Can I copy and paste something from the thesaurus into my story?
What if I can't find the entry I'm looking for?
An entry is linked incorrectly. How do I let you know?
Can I access the teaching content in the opening sections of the thesaurus books?

Using the Notes Feature
What are notes?
Where are my notes kept?
Who can see my notes?
Who owns the copyright of my notes?
Does the notes feature have a character limit?
Can I write a novel using the notes feature?
If I unsubscribe, what happens to my notes?

Using the Templates and Worksheets
Can I save and print my worksheets?
I'm having trouble filling in one of these tools. What should I do?
Can I save any of the worksheets or templates to my account?

Using the Idea Generator
Will you be creating new generators?
Can I save ideas from the generator?

Using the Story Map, Scene Map, and Timeline Features
What's the difference between these tools?
How do I make a new map or timeline?
Where are my tools stored?
Can I print these out?

Help! I didn't receive a confirmation message!
Help! The One Stop pages are..loading...really.....slowly......
Help! I'm stuck on the Sign-in/Sign-up page!
What browser should I be using?
Is there a way to make the font size bigger?

Can I submit an endorsement?
Is One Stop For Writers hiring?
I love One Stop! How can I help?
Can I review One Stop?
I have an idea for One Stop. Where do I submit it?
Can I blog about my One Stop experience?