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What control do I have over my stored personal information?

Your personal data is your own, so you should have some control over it. The following options regarding your personal information are always available to you:

Requesting information: You have the right to know what personal data One Stop for Writers has collected. This information can be found on the My Account page, in the User Details section. If you’d like to print this information for your own records, simply click the link found there.
Withdrawing Consent: You can withdraw consent for us to collect and store your information at any time. Because we collect the bare minimum of data necessary for you to use One Stop for Writers, withdrawing consent means your account would have to be closed and deleted. Please note that if you withdraw consent during an active subscription, no refunds will be given. Should you wish to withdraw consent, please follow the procedure that follows for Deleting Your Information.
Deleting Your Information: You can choose to have your personal data permanently erased from our database. This would require a closing and erasure of any active accounts, so although you can delete your information at any time, you might choose to do this once you’ve decided to no longer use One Stop for Writers. You can delete your data by visiting the My Account page and clicking the Delete My Account button.

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