Story Maps is a fantastic tool to help writers develop a more solid, powerful story using my Six Stage Plot Structure as its foundation, and includes ideas on story structure and character development from other sources as well. It’s a remarkably useful tool for novelists, screenwriters, speakers, and marketers.

Michael Hauge, Hollywood script consultant, story expert, and best-selling author of Writing Screenplays That Sell

If you only have one resource in your writing toolbox, it should be the One Stop for Writers website. User-friendly with tons of clear, concise information, One Stop is a must for writers of all experience levels. Plus it's tons of fun! Combine it with the Emotion Thesaurus and it will indeed Elevate Your Storytelling. Thank you, Angela, Becca and Lee. Another one out of the ballpark!

Lisanne Harrington , Author of Moonspell and Murder in the Family

I've been a huge fan of the Emotion Thesaurus for years, but One Stop is the ultimate drafting assistant. Like a superhero origin story, One Stop takes the awesomeness of the Emotion Thesaurus, grafts in the other Bookshelf Muse thesaurus entries, and sprouts magic online features to create the writing equivalent of a mythical creature you can't believe really exists. Like a rainbow-glowing unicorn...with wings.

Jami Gold, Author of the Mythos Legacy series

One Stop For Writers is a place for writers of all experience levels. The site is extremely user-friendly and offers oodles of help for all kinds of fiction writing needs. Need help naming that shade of green? Go to the Color Thesaurus. Want help making your character more relatable? Check out the generator. This site might just be the cure to writer's block.

Carolee Noury, Freelance Writer

I've been using the resources produced by The Bookshelf Muse and Writers Helping Writers for years and I'm a huge fan. When I get stuck on a word/emotion or need a spark of inspiration about traits or weather, I open one of the Thesauri or scour the websites for an idea that gets my writing flowing again.

Hyacinthe Miller, Author, Blogger, Editor, Freelance

One Stop for Writers does not disappoint. There's enough variety to suit every writer's working style, and I soon settled in to finding the elements that work best for my particular process. I'm certain I'll find more as I continue to refine that. Thank you for a great product!

Crystal Thieringer , Writer

Writing is hard work. One Stop for Writers has just made it so much easier, with great tools and excellent resources in one place that will take your writing to the next level.

Allison Collins, Writer

With a beautiful, clear and intuitive layout, quick access to thesauri, helpful worksheets and the ability to make and save notes, One Stop for Writers is a must have tool in the serious writer's tool box.

Bran Lindy Ayres, Author

I've had an absolute blast crisscrossing One Stop. As a matter of fact, the family has taken over the household chores so that I can stay here and drink in the magnificence that is my One Stop. Thank you, Ange, Becca and Lee! One Stop is my ONLY stop!

Robyn Campbell, Children/YA Author

The proverbial light went on when I saw these thesauri the first time! I had discovered something important that would help take my writing to the next level.

Lee Powell, Creator, Scrivener and Scapple for Windows

The BEST tool in my writing arsenal since The Emotion Thesaurus... and that's saying something!

Melinda S Collins, Writer