Worldbuilding Surveys

Ready to build a world readers won’t want to leave? Start your free trial to plan the people, creatures, climate, societies, magic systems, and other features of your story’s world.

As the god of your world, you need to know everything about it—its physical characteristics, the rules, who lives there, the culture, etc. This task is easier when the world already exists, but what if you’re creating one from scratch? Our worldbuilding tool is packed with surveys that can help with the heavy lifting. Whether you need to flesh out details for a city, a larger realm, the people living there, unique creatures, or any sacred or magical objects, there’s a survey for you. We even have options for the hardcore sci-fi writers looking to create a new solar system, planet, or alien race. And for real-world locations, our Existing City, Town, or Village Survey allows you to record important details so your settings feel both realistic and consistent.

To get started, go to My Workspace, click the New button, and select the Worldbuilding Survey option. Choose the desired Survey Type from the dropdown menu to see all the associated questions. Drag the ones you’d like to explore into the Answers space, or create a new question of your own design. When you’re finished, save the survey so you can edit or add to it later. If you find yourself creating multiple surveys for different stories, keep them organized with the projects function within My Workspace. Saved surveys can be opened and edited as needed or printed out. With the latter option, you can print each one separately or combine multiple surveys into a single PDF.

For more information on how to create a fictional world, see our worldbuilding tutorial and make use of the expert advice within the Storyteller’s Roadmap.

Example Worldbuilding Survey