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What personal information does One Stop collect and store?

At One Stop, we collect as little of your personal information as possible—only what's necessary to enable you to use the site and for us to be able to contact you with necessary information. For this reason, the only personal data we collect and store is your username and email address, along with the last 4 digits of your credit card. An encrypted password is also stored in our database, but no one (not even the administrators) has access to that but you. You can see the information we've collected in your User Details section on the My Account page. If you'd like a copy for your own records, click the link under the User Details box.

To enable us to run One Stop for Writers (and for you to be able to use it), we will need to share your personal information with certain third-party organizations. These parties are ones that process and safeguard your financial information, enable us to send out necessary notifications, and provide us with site analytics. Currently, we partner with Stripe, Sendinblue, and Google Analytics. If you have questions about their security procedures, you can always check out their privacy policies and terms of use, which are usually found at the bottom of their home pages.

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