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How do I print PDFs for my saved items?

In your Workspace, you'll see a Generate PDFs button just under the blue banner. Click the desired item(s), and use that button to download a PDF to your system. You can do this for one item at a time or select multiple items and download the PDFs in a batch, all at once. Please note that PDFs can't be created for notes or bookmarks. The same is true for folders and projects, but you can open those up and select the items inside and download your materials that way.

PDFs can also be created from within the individual items as you're working on them. But the process varies slightly for the different tools. Here's where you can find the Generate PDF button within each of your saved items:

Story Maps, Worldbuilding Surveys, and Worksheets: There are 3 gray buttons at the top of the page, under the blue nav bar. Click the one that says Generate PDF.
Timelines and Scene Maps: Under the title for your tool, there's a little down arrow. Click that and choose the Generate PDF option.
Character Profile: Click the Summary tab (it's the last tab), then tick the Select All box. Scroll down and hit the Generate PDF button.

While Notes can't currently be downloaded, you can retrieve this information with our data export function. Click the Account tab at the top of any page, and choose the Export Data option. In the TXT column, choose My Notes, and all your Notes will be downloaded to your system as a TXT File.

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