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Subscription Information

Is my credit card information safe?

While credit card information is required for a customer to subscribe to one of our plans, we only store the final 4 digits of your card (to make it easier for customers to recall which card has been used). One Stop for Writers has no access to your full card number. That information bypasses our system and goes directly to Stripe, our third-party commerce provider. Many other businesses, like Apple, Facebook, Twitter, and others, use Stripe for their financial transactions, making it an excellent and credible provider. This ensures that your financial data is stored in the most secure way possible.

If you're still concerned about this, one option is to remove your credit card information from your account once you have subscribed. Keep in mind that in doing this, the plan won't renew at the end of the subscription period; but if you're interested in continuing with One Stop, just upload it briefly again at that time, then remove it once the invoice has gone through. 

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