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Can I pay with PayPal?

We currently have only one way of signing up subscribers. Stripe is our commerce provider; like PayPal, it's an online checkout system for allowing digital purchases. We chose to go with Stripe over Paypal because Stripe, according to our research, has better security. We would never want to risk anyone's information, so security is top priority for us. Many other businesses use Stripe, like Apple (and Facebook, Twitter, and several others—as can be seen in this Forbes article). 
Most online retailers use some sort of third-party checkout system because their websites don’t have the security in place to protect a customer's credit card information the way one of these big security cashier systems can. The good news here is that One Stop doesn't have access to your credit card information. Only Stripe does. All of your financial dealings go through their secure portal, and we are simply notified when a payment has been made for one of our subscription plans. This ensures that your data is as safe as it can be.

For further information, we recommend visiting Stripe's site to see what they're about and how safe your information will be there.

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