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Using the Notes Feature

What are notes?

While our thesaurus entries are lengthy, they are by no means comprehensive. Sometimes, reading an entry will trigger an idea of your own, and we wanted you to have the capability to jot your notes down on the site. This can be done via the Add A Note section found at the bottom of each thesaurus entry. Notes will remain on the pages where they were written, as well as being saved to your workspace, so you can access them anytime. Keep in mind your notes are private and cannot be seen by other users, and you retain the copyright to content you create with this feature.

You can also create a note containing information from a variety of our thesaurus entries. If you find something of interest in an entry, simply highlight the text and click the Send To Note link that appears. You'll have the option of creating a new note for the highlighted information or adding it to an existing note. In this way, data from various entries can be collated, giving you a greater pool of information that can be collected into one concise document. You can then format the information in a note however you wish. Bold or underline, change the text size or color, add bullets—whatever you need to make the data as clear and organized as you need. Images and YouTube videos can also be added.

Lastly, in some cases, you can use the Notes feature to import your own information to your workspace, where it can be stored with your other resources. Just create a new note, copy/paste the contents into the body of the note, and save it to your Workspace. While the formatting may not be perfect, you can use this process to save content from a Word doc, cells from a spreadsheet, or even images.

When you save a note, you have the option of assigning it to a particular project or simply keeping it in your workspace. By clicking the My Workspace tab at the top of each page, you can view your notes, edit them, move them in and out of various projects, or delete them from your account. For more information on how projects and My Workspace can be used in regards to saving notes, see the My Workspace and Projects FAQs.

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