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One Stop For Writers Updates

Wondering about recent changes at One Stop? Curious to see what's in development? Scroll down to stay up to date on all the latest and greatest functionality and the content we’re adding to the site.

And when it comes to ideas for improvement, we want to hear from you! Submit a suggestion of your own or cast your vote on existing Wish List items you’d like to see us tackle. If your idea coincides with our direction for the site, we’ll add it here to be voted on. Let’s work together to make One Stop for Writers the best it can be.


The Character Motivation Thesaurus has been expanded! Our twelve new entries focus on goals that are common for children and teenagers and explore them from a young person's viewpoint. Kid-centric...

We've added:
Arousal (Emotion Amplifiers Thesaurus)
Dust or Sandstorm (Weather Thesaurus)
Tropical Resort (Setting Thesaurus)
Writing (Talents & Skills)

We've added a ton of new hobbies to the Idea Generator, including illegal, disturbing, and unusual ones. Be prepared to build unique pastimes for all your characters, including the villain!

Seven new checklists and tip sheets have been added, including a handy editing one listing crutch words to be wary of (and to weed from your writing if overused). Feel free to download these and sh...

Categories have now been added to the Emotional Wound Thesaurus entries. Narrowing down your search should become much easier with the use of the following key words: Crime, Victimization, Disabili...

We've added 75 new secrets to the Idea Generator drawer. We hope they spark some great ideas. :)


When using the search engine, I'd like to be able to save selected thesauruses per session. I typically only want to search certain thesauruses, but as it is now, after each search, the filter reve...

Many times, I don't need to see the white boxes under a Timeline. Can we have the option to turn those boxes on or off?

I'd like to see more tools and templates to help with character building.

Note From the Librarians: We're in the process of building a comprehensive character-building tool that we believe will be O...

I'd love to see a search function on my workspace. Particularly the longer I use this, the harder it will be to find stuff.


Our goal is to make your One Stop experience the best it can be. Feel free to vote on whether or not you’d like to see the following ideas — all submitted by users — added to the site. If you have a suggestion for how to improve our functionality or content, click the Submit an Idea button to share it with us. For more information on the wish list submission and voting process, please see our guidelines.