Suggestion Guidelines


When submitting a wish, please be as concise as possible. Please include only one suggestion per submission. Every idea will be examined by a librarian, and, if approved, will be added to the Wish List voting section of the Updates page. Please understand that not all suggestions will be a fit for One Stop’s current direction and so may be rejected. If you feel strongly about an idea, try resubmitting it down the road.


Your input lets us know which ideas would be most beneficial to everyone and will aid us in deciding which suggestions to implement. The voting period for each item is two months, and you can vote once on each item. New ideas will be added as they are reviewed, so check back often!

Administrative Review

Once voting closes, the librarians will decide which wish list items are the best choices for implementing. While the number of votes plays a part in this decision, other factors are involved, such as the amount of time a given idea would take and what other projects are already underway. If we decide to implement an idea, it will be moved to the In Development section of the Updates page.


Projects that have been fully implemented will move from In Development to the Release Notes section of the Updates page.