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Getting Started

Welcome! We’re so glad you’re interested in One Stop. For more information on the resources we provide, you might want to check out this quick video. If you’d rather jump right in and kick the tires for yourself, just Sign Up, navigate to the My Subscription page (via the yellow Account tab), and choose the Free Trial option for two weeks of access.

The good news is that the site is unbelievably easy to understand and navigate. We encourage you to embrace the adventurer’s spirit and start by exploring the menu bar. Elsewhere throughout the site, you’ll see icons that you can click on for a bit of extra help:

  •   a quick navigational video
  •   an example
  •   more information
  •   a tutorial

As you might expect, all your personal account information can be found in the Account tab, including your subscription preferences and email settings. Make sure to keep your email address up-to-date here so you’ll always receive important messages regarding your account.

Our powerhouse description database can be found in the Thesaurus menu and must be seen to be believed. Registered members can enjoy a sampling of our entries whereas subscribers have full access—including the ability to customize entries by adding notes to them and saving your description ideas for later.

Here at One Stop, you can create all kinds of story and scene structure maps, timelines, notes, character profiles, and other helpful resources. As a registered user, you can learn more about what we offer by visiting the Features and Tools page or using the links found in The Stacks menu.

Subscribers can take these robust tools for a spin via the My Workspace tab, where your personal creative desk at One Stop can be found. By clicking “new,” you can create and save a host of items to your workspace, including project folders to organize materials by story.

Our Updates Page is where we let you know about new content that’s been added and any projects that are currently in the pipeline. You can also tell us what you’d like to see at One Stop by submitting a wish list item and voting on suggestions from other users.

If you need help, visit our comprehensive FAQ section or reach out to your One Stop librarians using Connect in the menu bar. To find out more about our affordable subscription plans, please visit our Plans and Pricing page. And if you’d like to see what other writers have to say about how One Stop is elevating their storytelling, consider checking out their testimonials.