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Six Stage Plot Structure Model

This tool uses Michael Hauge’s Six Stage Plot Structure as its foundation but also includes ideas on story structure and character development from other sources. We recommend visiting Michael’s web site,, an excellent source of information for novelists and screenwriters, and familiarizing yourself with his Six Stage Plot Structure, as well as reading Hauge's Writing Screenplays That Sell, which will broaden your understanding of character arc and story structure. Finally, give your storytelling a huge boost by watching The Hero’s Two Journeys, a recorded seminar by Michael Hauge and Chris Vogler (available in various formats) that breaks down both Hauge's Six Stage and Vogler’s Hero’s Journey structures. Many of the notes on the turning points below are expanded upon in this video. You will walk away with a much better understanding of successful plotting and character motivation.

If at any time you need more information while creating your new story map, we have some handy icons to help you. Clicking on the next to a given turning point in the Plot Structure Model will pull up the information associated with that point. The icon will reveal a film example of all of the points, to give you an idea of how the plot structure model applies to a popular movie. Lastly, please note that the percentages referenced in the diagram only relate to screenplays.

Would you like to see an example of the Six Stage Plot Structure Model in action? Click here to see the breakdown of A Few Good Men.

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