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What Is One Stop?

Libraries are wonderful places—cozy vaults filled with book-sized treasures that smell of ink and make a delightful shoosh sound as their pages are turned. As kids, who among us didn’t run our fingers along the spines, choosing random books and sitting cross-legged to flip through them, hoping to find the perfect story that would whisk us away to an exciting place or set us on a heart-pounding adventure? Imagination, mystery, and possibility. For many, this is what the library embodies.

No one appreciates this more than authors. We’re intuitively aware that books are not only whimsical and fun; they also represent the transformative power of knowledge.

This storehouse of creative information is the inspiration behind One Stop For Writers®. Like a library, One Stop houses a vast collection of reference materials that are intended to help writers improve their craft. Our library is loaded with one-of-a-kind story and character planning resources unlike anything else available.

Our goal is simple: help writers like you find the information and inspiration necessary to elevate your storytelling, saving you time in the process. After all, isn’t your energy best spent doing what you do best—creating enthralling fiction your readers will love?

Your Resident Librarians

Angela Ackerman is one of those odd sort of people who collects zombie lawn gnomes, thinks far too much about how the apocalypse will come about, and passionately believes life is too short for boring socks. She is the co-author of five bestselling books: The Emotion Thesaurus and its sequels: The Positive Trait, Negative Trait, Urban Setting, and Rural Setting Thesaurus volumes. An international speaker and writing coach, Angela is a proud yet sometimes apologetic Canadian who loves to travel, help people, and pay-it-forward however she’s able.

Angela writes Middle Grade and Young Adult fiction, so it’s no wonder her favorite section in the library is YA dystopian, followed closely by MG mystery and thrillers. When these three genres collide in one book, she is at her happiest, especially when she can find a quiet nook or secret passage to hole up in and read.

Angela Ackerman

Becca Puglisi is the co-author of the bestselling resources The Emotion Thesaurus and its sequels: The Positive Trait, Negative Trait, Urban Setting, and Rural Setting Thesaurus volumes. Between speaking gigs at conferences and workshops in various countries, she likes to hang out at her Writers Helping Writers blog.

When Becca isn’t writing, you can typically find her baking, reading to her kids, attending Bible studies, or attempting to sleep in. A recovering Mountain Dew addict, she is always looking for a new favorite beverage—one with the health benefits of water but without all the blandness. Music is also a big part of her life, so she can often be heard singing orders to her children, quoting random song lyrics, and exposing her kids to the classics—Styx, the Scorpions, Michael Jackson, and other 80s fare.

In the library, you can find Becca in the YA section (trying to look like she belongs there), leafing through fantasies and werewolf- and vampire-free paranormals. Exciting historical fiction is always on her list, too.

Becca Puglisi

Lee Powell keeps a Rubik's cube, a compass, and a survival kit on his desk. He's passionate about technology, writing and helping others realize their potential. A zen master of writerly procrastination strategies (with tactics such as creating Scapple for Windows, and Scrivener for Windows and Linux ), he has pioneered an authentic path to justify why he hasn't had time to write. In 2004, Lee published a motivational book entitled Passion Driven. Prior to that he wrote two programming books and some awful novels that thankfully never endured public scrutiny. He is working on the third draft of his novel Made 1n China, which he started fondling in 2008.

In the library, Lee has a penchant for nonfiction—biographies, science, and history—but devours almost everything with the exception of romantic fiction. He did lose a bet in 2014, which led to him experiencing all three doses of Fifty Shades of Grey. He still doesn't talk about it. His favorite book choice for chilling and escape is a techno-thriller on the fringes of reality such as those penned by Daniel Suarez.

Lee Powell

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